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Hello peoples! You guys can call me Jen, Jenna, BlackCat, or if you really want to, BlackCatOfFire =w=

I'm currently working on a few comic plans for a few comics that I simply can't make up my mind about XD I have at least 15 books that I'm writing, because I can't concentrate on one at a time X'D My imagination takes me on fieldtrips whenever it pleases, so I might have a bunch of different comics in this Gallery of mine =u=

You can find me on Steam at Sargent Kitty if you want to chat, I hate Skype because I hate it XD I have a bad habit of using other peoples drawings FOR ONLY THEIR POSES for my art since I'm not creative enough to think of them myself >.< I also like tweaking my art every now and then =w=

Anyway, I check in on DeviantART everyday when I can, from either my phone of computer, so I can respond to comments more often, but I do however have a life so it might take me a bit to get back to you, so don't go thinking I just deleted the comment or ignored it.

I also love to RP, however I think of different RP story lines very often because I 'crave new experiences' according to people >.< Which would explain why I have so many books =w=

Alright, I've been taking a break on this comic, Fanta Tails, for a while now, trying to get some stuff figured out that had some holes in it and I got a few kinks worked out. I've decided that I want to try something different with this comic since it seems so restricted to it's boundaries, and I'm also going to outline the panels and such, clean it up in GIMP, and try to get rid of those stupid smears and sudden quality changes, because that is getting on my nerves. I've also been trying my best to do better character depictions and dialog and more explanations in the comic itself.

It's pretty hard to do all this since my two most active co-writers had moved away. I can contact one, but I don't have the other's contact information. Which I guess that means I need to hire  two new directors to help me with this. When I say 'hire', it's more volunteer and you're not getting paid. Sorry, but I'm broke and this is a no-profit comic. The requirements from my last Help Wanted journal still stand which you can find here:…

I'm also going to allow Skype to be a means of communication, but please have a mic. or a headset with one, because discussing everything through typing gets very tiring very quickly. To find me on Skype, it's sargent_kitty or Jenna Conaway. If there's duplicate, then it's the blue icon with a cat in it, just like the one in my Deviant ID. If you find that to be uncomfortable by any means, then please use Steam or e-mail, because I really hate writing several huge novels to describe one or multiple things and I'm sure you don't like it either. Too time consuming.

Anyway, the fifth page is underway as we speak, and after that page will be the title page, which I should have done a while ago. Granted, I also should have had at least fifteen pages finished by now, but I'm a busy person. I do in fact have a life. Please, if you are even remotely interested, give that journal a read and please consider. I'm the kind of person who needs second opinions about these kinds of things or I'll just drop it off the side of the earth and no one will hear from it again, kinda like my other comic that I made a big deal out of and yet no one cared. Hey, that sounds like this one XD *or anything else I've ever done here >.>* In all honesty, if you guys have any questions regarding the comic, please ask. I don't bite, honestly ^^ I might have a mean look to my image, but I can be a nice person. When I wanna be, but that's beside the point.

I really appreciate it when people at least acknowledge the things I work hard on, negative or positive, so please, feedback is greatly wanted. At least something to let me know that people are reading it and not just clicking on the picture and going to a new one on the side >.>

So, I hope to hear from at least a few people who want to ACTIVLY participate in the Fanta Tails Project and throw out some ideas I can catch and use *and of course I will credit you in the description* and I hope that whoever ends up joining the staff will have a blast with the others. We're a fun group and we only bite when we're woken up from a long awaited slumber XD You don't have to be an artist or a writer, but being creative will help me greatly. If I ask you to do something you can't, won't be able to, or are too uncomfortable with *nothing dirty you little tards >.>* then please tell me and either I will handle it, or one of the other Co-writers could. Just please tell me in advanced when you pass work to someone else so I won't waste any time asking you for something you don't have XD

Once the positions are filled and we're all settled, we'll probably have an online meeting through either Steam or Skype, so please have those within a week or two of your hire. If you don't want to attend the meeting, that's fine, so I'll tell the others your ideas if you had any and see what they thought. I'm very lenient when it comes to a lot of things with this project, but if you insist on being a whinny little punk, I shall have fun with your Director OC when I fire you >: D And yes, if you want to be hired, you must have a Director OC that must be human in form, have some sort of tail *Or two* and ears. Please name them something based off your name, like your initials, middle name, or nickname that's easy to keep up with. My directors name is Jace, a spin-off of my real name. Oh, and yes, the OC must have a symbol that is visible on the shirt/jack/hoodie that he/she wears. It can be anything you want so long as it's nothing too vulgar, and I will know if it is or not T-T

When you have the OC done, please post it here in DA so I can bring it to my other director to place in the Directors Comic, and yes, you will be required to be in it. You can either be passing by while everyone else is doing something, or you can be the star of it. If you don't want your OC to be part of the comic much, tell me so I can tell the DC artist.

Anywho, I think that's about it on the matter. The Main comic is being worked on within what little free time I have due to school or family matters, so the uploading will be slow as usual. I'll try to aim for every Friday like I tried, but that all depends on my testing, athletics schedule, and *forced* family time.

Hope to hear from some of you guys! Please give me an answer within a week of reading *Not like I'll know or anything, but the sooner the better for us all so we can get this show on the road.* and if I hire you, please throw in some ideas that come into mind. Nothing is a stupid idea unless it simply doesn't fit the genre or if it involves anything to do with nudity. This comic will have most to everything else BUT nudity, I can assure you of that. The most you'll get is probably a bare back from what I know.

  • Mood: Hysterical
  • Listening to: Dubstep
  • Reading: Percy Jackson series
  • Watching: The Walking Dead, duh
  • Playing: Vindictus
  • Eating: Burgers
  • Drinking: Root Beer =w=

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