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Allen Lance - Envious Huntsman by BlackCatOfFire Allen Lance - Envious Huntsman by BlackCatOfFire
Now here's the Main chatacter of Never After, Allen Lance, AKA Envy. Allen enjoys peaceful days and clear skys so he can look up at the clear blue sky. He had two friends, Amy and James, who were killed in their school massacre. Long story short, Big Bad went out of control, found 'Envy' and killed everyone trying to get to him to bring him back to Never After. Allen's body holds the soul of a demon, or Yokai, clan leader, Envy. Envy got his name because he was envyous of the humans and their 'normal peaceful lives' when he was alive.

(A sin becomes a Sin when the soul of a demon enters, or is reincarnated into a human body. When the body, which now has two souls, dies and goes to Never After, they slowly 'wake up'. Jaden is an example of this, but I'll explain that later ^^)

Allen has shorter black messy hair, but when he 'woke up' (Meaning Envy woke up within him), his body assumed Envy's natural look. Allen is a Blend Sin and his weapon of choice are twin blades that stick out of his arms (As shown above). He refuses to kill anyone and will protect his friends at any cost, since he lost his two closest friends before he also died.

I'll be posting Allen's and Envy's seperate storys before they died to get a feel of how they were and what not.

Made in MS Paint, GIMP, and drawin with my Mouse =w=
cyborg-prince Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Student Digital Artist
your anatomy's improved really well so far :D
BlackCatOfFire Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Haha, thanks!
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